Electric Car and Electricity and its Running Cost

Electric car charging Amsterdam

Credit: Ludovic Hirlimann / CC BY-SA 2.0

Tesla Motors, which recently announced its hot new Model 3, has more than 325,000 preorders. The company says it will be available to its customers only after a year from now. The United States has approximately 340,000 electric and Hybrid cars running on the road. The biggest advertisement made of these cars is “zero emissions” vehicles. It would be exciting to see whether this “claim” holds and are they really saving on the nation’s electricity generation.

It is very true that these cars do not use oil for transportation purposes but equally true is they use “electricity” for it. The car on its own doesn’t produce emissions, but what about the power plant which generates the electricity required to run it? In a country like the United States, the cost of electricity varies across the states, and it is more the cost of gasoline.

It is also a point of dispute whether the average electricity required to run a car per mile is less than the cars using gasoline. With today’s internal combustion engine, cars are becoming more fuel-efficient. The increased electricity consumption by these EVs with increased no. of passengers, which of these will be economically viable, will be a point of debate. Only a more efficient EV coming soon can answer it. But the most important is, “when the electricity generation from renewable energy exceeds the standard coal or oil-fired power plants, (which are major contributors to carbon emission) these cars will be the viable solution as they will become major consumers of electricity then, which is green”.

Advantages of EV (Electric Vehicle):

  • No Gas Required
  • No Emissions
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced Noise Pollution
  • Safe to Drive
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance

Disadvantages of EV (Electric Vehicle):

  • Electricity isn’t Free – Also, in some countries can increase the burden on your wallet.
    Short Driving Range and Speed
  • Longer Recharge Time – Time is precious in today’s jet age
  • Normally will see 2 seaters, so more cars are seen on the road which in turn increase traffic congestion and issues related to it – an aggressive point raised by people, not in favour of EV’s
  • Battery Replacement – Environmental hazard – as it’s not recharged as in the case of gasoline vehicles.
  • Not Suitable for countries facing a shortage of electricity
  • Some countries do not provide subsidies to encourage you to buy an electric car – hence very high initial investment
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