10 Ways to Save Electricity

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The best way to save electricity is to start in your home. These 10 ways to save energy will definitely save your electricity bills.

1. Dress for the weather!
Bundling up in winter and dressing less in summer can help keep you from constantly adjusting your thermostat.

2. Set your thermostat for 18-20 degrees.
Do you know that each degree above 20 degrees can add as much as 10% to your heating bill? Save some money and keep the thermostat low in the winter and higher in the summer such as 26 degrees.

3. Turn off personal fans and heaters when not in use.
Using personal fans and heaters for rooms can cost a great deal of money, so turn them off when not in use.

4. Search for energy-efficient appliances.
They may cost a little more in the beginning, but over time you can watch the electricity savings roll in.

5. Cold wash equals cash money.
Did you know washing your clothes in cold water can save you anywhere from $115 a year? Look for detergents that are designed for cold washes so you can save some money.

6. Use energy-efficient lights.
It’s out with incandescent and in with energy-efficient globes. Check out the Energy Save Incentive to see if yours can be replaced for free or at a reduced cost!

7. Unplug to save.
Did you know that items plugged into the outlet, such as your tablet charger, are still using electricity even when your tablet isn’t plugged in? As much as 10% of your electricity use can come from this alone.

8. Reduce cooking time in the kitchen.
Thawing foods in the fridge isn’t only food-safe, but it also helps reduce cook time.

9. Check insulation everywhere.
A well-insulated roof and home can make for great energy savings.

10. Ditch old computers, TV, PVR
Recycle or donate your old computer, TV, PVR, etc. and start using the latest energy-efficient gadgets that are designed to use less electricity.

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