UK Energy Consultancy Almach Pledges to Offer Only Green Electricity

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The UK Energy consultancy firm Almach Energy has been in the business of offering innovative procurement solutions in the area of renewable energy and is ethically renowned for it too. Now Almach has officially committed itself to offer 100% renewable electricity to its new contracts or clients and that to will only offer ‘Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) backed supply, ensuring access to low-cost, green and clean electricity.

This company in the UK, supplying electricity to hundreds of commercial businesses ranging from SMEs to large entities, has been buying only renewable electricity for several months. This recent announcement by Almach has made its position clear as a company that seeks to help companies and in turn the United Kingdom in the transition to renewable energy. It’s been a common understanding and true too in some cases that green tariffs can prove more expensive and tedious than conventional offers for energy from non-renewable sources. Almach works to reduce this cost by negotiating directly with suppliers of green electricity through buying groups. For large enterprises having a high consumption of electricity, it is always the price that is the leading driver for companies to do the same. As it directly affects the direct cash outflow of the organizations.

Since the year 2014, Almach has innovated its own buying strategy to decrease the cost of REGO energy by 2% as compared to the other retail fixed price ‘green’ contracts offered by brokers and suppliers. These energy buying groups buy clean, low-cost energy and supply it to their 670 large, medium, and small businesses. Electricity prices for these groups are brought down further by direct purchases of energy from the wholesale market. This removes the price markups that are typically included in fixed-price energy contracts. Because of these efforts in a channelized way, REGO energy costs have been reduced and are within 1% of traditional fossil fuel energy costs.

Almach doesn’t only stop itself at the supply of green electricity but it also goes steps ahead in engaging itself with their own as well as their clients’ employees. Giving free advice to masses and educating in energy conservation, such as the use of long-life low-energy light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and energy savings devices where possible, optimum use of heating and any electrical devices by implementing adaptive controls.

The business in the REGO-energy partnership that displays a ‘window badge’ certifying their energy is 100% renewable has received very good positive feedback from their customers. Almach Energy has become an Ethical Accreditation Member. The accreditation is given by The Ethical Company Organisation and is considered to be very prestigious.

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