Wind Turbines Disguised As Trees To Produce Electricity


Wind Tree contains “leaves” that act as mini wind-turbines to produce electricity. The wind trees were displayed at the COP21 climate conference.

Imagine trees that can capture the wind and turn it into energy. With the use of developing technology, it is amazing to see how solar installations can produce energy without using fossil fuels.

New Wind Energy Solutions, a French start-up, has designed a special product which resembles silent wind trees made of leaf-shaped mini-turbines. These leaves have tiny blades which are inside the leaves and can generate power from air currents and can co-exist in an urban environment.

The Idea

The idea came to the Parisian founder, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, who was standing in a square and he saw the leaves trembling even with low wind flow. The New Wind founder and CEO, Michaud-Larivière calls these breezes as micro-turbulences. The idea was created in 2014, and was specially thought for cities which are featured with space restrictions and smaller air currents.

L’Arbre À Vent (Wind Tree)

The Wind Tree produces energy which is sufficient to power small buildings or even streetlights. The trees are around 30.2 ft. tall, 26.2 ft. in diameter and weight of around 5,500 pounds (2,500 kg excluding base anchor) approximately. The wind tree has around 54 Aeroleafs which are mounted vertically on the tree branches. The trees are made of steel whereas the leaves are made of lightweight plastic.

Aeroleaf: The leafs are 3.2 ft. high and when spinning at optimum speeds are expected to have the capability of generating 65 watts per leaf (3,510 watts i.e. 3.5kW maximum capacity approximately). The wind gusts resisting system is around 121.4FPS (37 M/S).


  • Wind Tree’s installation cost is around $35,000 versus the cost of wind turbines which require around $50,000 to $80,000.
  • Add ambiance and look artistic.
  • Make no distracting noise.
  • Can be used to power low consumption office, or charge electric cars for 10,000 miles each year, small buildings, or streetlights.

The Way Ahead

New Wind has already planted more than 40 trees in France. It is now exploring the market possibilities in the U.S.

Currently, the company is working on a project to install the turbines at the rooftop of a new building at Clichy-Batignolles, Paris, France. More trees installations are expected in France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The company is also thinking of coming up with just individual curved branches at lower budgets.

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