Britain all set to Generate 30% of Electricity from Tidal Lagoons Project


Credit: Unsplash

According to special reports a huge necklace of tidal lagoons can be built alongside the west coast of Great Britain, so that electricity can be generated by harnessing the energy from the waves. It has also been stated that the Swansea Bay should be the first one of many such energy stations that can generate ample electricity that can power about 155,000 homes.

This £1.3billion tidal energy project could prove to be game changing for UK in the power industry across the world. Also, if this project proves successful it could pave a way for many such ‘necklaces’ along the bays in the future. The project will require a six-mile long breakwater which surrounds 4.5 square miles of Swansea Bay which will be built by the Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd, and which will have 16 enormous turbines of 23ft in width. As the waves are predictable in nature unlike sunlight and the wind this project is sure to succeed.

This project could also create thousands of jobs in South Wales in construction and related industries. After the success of the project at Swansea Bay similar plans can also be initiated at Bridgwater Bay in Somerset; Newport, Colwyn Bay and West Cumbria.

Environmental effects should also be studies for some years to create balance.

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