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Certified Renewable Electricity – Is It Important?

Recently, UK’s first certified 100% renewable electricity supply product was launched by SmartestEnergy with independent certification from the Carbon Trust sustainability experts. Continue reading

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Digital Electricity At India’s Largest IT park in Kerala

India’s largest IT park, Technopark, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala will reportedly get an 110 kilovolt (KV) digital substation from ABB India. Continue reading

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How Does Electricity Travel Through Wires?

Have you ever wondered how electricity can travel through wires? The process is intriguing and Dan Ludois, Professor at the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, explained the concept in a lucid way. Continue reading

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Norway Leads the Electric Vehicle Surge in Europe

There is a lot of talk around Electric Vehicles (EVs) and currently, Europe is reportedly all set for a major expansion in this area Continue reading

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The Electricity Revolution and a Guide for the Future

The electricity revolution that’s happening today is inevitable. The fossil fuel sources are diminishing and there is an increasing need to focus on alternative methods to source the world’s electricity demand. Continue reading

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