Top Tips for Reducing Electricity Usage and Going Green

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It is high time human beings start thinking about saving energy and making this planet a better place. Let us check out some easy tips that can help you to save electricity.

  • Home Audit

Try to do an energy saving audit for your homes as heating or cooling your homes consume a lot of energy. American homes use more electricity than anywhere else in the world. To reduce electricity wastage everyone must try to ventilate their homes by natural means. Blocking the sunlight during the day, using insulator blankets to warm the water are some simple ways to go green.

  • Use Solar Chargers

Use of solar chargers to charge up your laptops, mobile phones, cameras, toys and all other electronic devices can save a lot of energy.

  • You can hire green power

Sign up for using green energy with your electricity provider where you can use electricity produced from using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, tidal energy, etc.

  • Cut-back usage

To reduce usage you can use LED lights instead of the usual light bulbs. Also, remember to switch off electric appliances when not in use. Instead of using clothes dryer you can dry your clothes in open air.

  • Be a wise shopper

While shopping for electronic appliances make sure you buy only the energy-efficient ones, as they consume a comparatively lower amount of energy.

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