Clean Green Electricity – More Optimal Than Just Green Electricity

solar panel roof

Credit: Pixabay

Do you want to save more energy with solar panels? Then you would need to focus on capturing maximum sunrays on a daily basis.

For example are your roofs really clean? The answer is no, they endure weather. Similarly, the solar panels have layers of dust, dirt, bird droppings, leaves, salt and road pollutants on their surface. This could also cause a significant drop in the solar energy, which is available for conversion into power in the house.

For this scenario, the concrete solution has offered by some Australian companies and hope other small scale companies worldwide will surely offer the same solution in near future.

In Australia, according to the latest Climate Council reports there are more than 290,000 Victorian residential households with solar installations. Earlier while researching about the solar panels, it remained unnoticed that they needed a regular clean and inspection program to ensure that the panels were working efficiently.

A world leader in solar technology, Bosch, is reported to specify in its care and maintenance manual that panels which are soiled or dirty should be cleaned every six months. But it cleaning the roofs at different heights has a lot of risks and an average homeowner should avoid cleaning their panels on the roof.

Just imagine, how a car looked if it were left out in the weather for six months and was never cleaned. That it is exactly how the solar panels would look. Anything that amounted to the sunlight not getting into the cells within the solar panels means that they were not performing to their optimum output.

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