Britain Gives Coal a Miss for a Day


Credit: Pixnio

Britain has achieved a remarkable thing by going off coal for a period of 24 hours. The country’s National Grid has reported that they have supplied electricity to the city for an entire day without resorting to coal.

It has also been reported that other sources like nuclear power, wind, biomass, and solar energy have been used which is for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. The Environmental groups have welcomed this move and have stated that it will benefit the country immensely. Coal production has dwindled alarmingly over the recent few years and this change will certainly help the energy economy. Many large mines have to be closed due to less production of coal and the ones that are still functioning produce less coal every day until they altogether stop coal production.

The British government has decided to phase out coal production by the year 2025. They have also pledged to repeat this ‘no-coal’ day more often but predicting it will be impossible as many factors like energy supply and demand have to be considered.

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