EV Maker Tesla to Build World’s Largest Battery in Australia

Wind Farm

Credit: Pxhere

Since the major blackout in September 2016, South Australia has been facing serious power problems.  A French leading renewable energy company Neoen is building Hornsdale, and Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) will install a 100-megawatt capacity battery (129 megawatt-hours of power generation) for power storage near Jamestown.

Tesla and French company Neoen won the tender in South Australia for this project. The Hornsdale Wind Farm, having a series of wind turbines stretching 8km and 24km north of Jamestown in South Australia, will be having a peak power generation capacity of 309 MW. The joint venture of Tesla and Neoen will be known as the Hornsdale Power Reserve.

Musk has promised to build the battery in 100 days, and if not, he will supply it to South Australia for free, which will cost Mr Musk approximately $50 million!

The entire project is expected to be operational by the end of the year 2017. The world’s largest installation of similar projects is an 80 megawatt-hour substation located at Mira Loma in Ontario, California. This is also with Tesla batteries.

This 129 MWh project in South Australia, which is almost 60 % larger than California, will have Tesla’s PowerPack 2 commercial/utility-grade battery systems. The Tesla battery system will also have frequency regulation plus back-up power to make the wind farm in part dispatchable. The storage capacity will power approximately 30,000 homes in the region for one full day in case of emergency/blackout. This is almost the same number of homes that suffered very badly during the September 2016 blackout.

The project, when completed successfully, will be an ideal example in the world that even renewable energy can be a dependable and reliable source of electricity in case of an emergency. And this belief will only come true by the gigantic installation of the Tesla battery system! The total project cost estimate is around $550 million.

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