Wood Waste to Facilitate Production of Green Electricity in Queensland

Timber Queensland

Timber Queensland

The Queensland timber industry is all set to alleviate the energy shortages that the country is facing as a result of the shutdown of coal-fired power stations. The industry reportedly could position itself to be at the vanguard of renewable energy by utilizing its wood waste.

The country has around one million tonnes of wood waste that is generated every year and also has the potential to create around 100 megawatts of baseload power.

The timber industry is a completely renewable industry and is poised to produce renewable, green, and clean bio-energy. Mick Stephens, Queensland CEO reiterated that the industry was based on a resource that was re-grown and could produce renewable bio-energy that would be a good win for the industry and green energy.

The lack of government financial incentives is believed to be hampering the development of this due to the associated costs in setting up a system that is quite large. It is reported that attractive feed-in tariffs would facilitate the lock in forwarding energy contracts. It is believed that if the governments got behind this, and provided incentives then sawmills and loggers would approve of this environment-friendly means of producing electricity.

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