Harnessing the Power of Living Plants to Create Electricity


Credit: Pixabay

Can you imagine a living lamp that will light up by touch? Imagine an entire forest giving off the same amount of energy as a power plant. Dutch entrepreneur and Designer, Ermi van Oers and her team have created a lamp called the ‘Living Light’ in collaboration with Plant-e.

The lamp has the potential to harness energy from a living plant through photosynthesis. The long-term goal in the context of the lamp is to power cities with green energy that is harnessed by plants.

Living Light has the potential to facilitate millions of people around the world with a reliable and environmentally safe source of energy. The off-grid light source was built to be self-sufficient and in no need of electric sockets.

How does the Living Light work:

  • The light is based on the model of the photosynthetic process, which allows plants to grow.
  • Plants have the capacity to generate protons and electrons that are needed to create electricity.
  • The system is a type of solar energy, which is a perfect blend of nature and technology.
  • The plant is encased in a glass tube that could light up when someone touches it.

The team is reportedly working towards operations on a larger scale. The design for the Living Light lamp is said to produce around half an hour’s worth of light after the plant recharges for a day.

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