Egypt Poised As Regional Hub For Exporting Electricity By 2018


Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi is all set to position the country as a regional hub for transferring and circulating electricity in 2018. He recently highlighted that the Ministry was doubling the country’s electricity production capacity and also expanding the T&D projects.

The Minister was confident that Egypt had the potential of exporting surplus electricity in 2018. The exporting to countries would include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, and some African countries. It was also revealed that the country planned to increase local input in electricity production projects, and was considering changing the solar energy tariff for projects that had a capacity of less than 500 kW. As the energy tariff is said to have been issued before the liberalization of the exchange rate, the Minister pointed out the need for the adjustment. Also, rather than relying on foreign companies, which cost the ministry a lot of money, he added the country planned to localize the maintenance process of power plants.

Meanwhile, the 2017 edition of Electricx, a 3-day event that was held from 3-5 December 2017, found more than 200 exhibitors attending at the Cairo International Convention Centre, Egypt. And, the exporting electricity announcement seems to have come as good news for local and international providers of electricity generation, including companies like Megger, Omicron, SDMO, and Al Yamuna Densons. The providers and companies were upbeat about the visitor and exhibitor profiles on the show. Egypt enjoys the edge as the preferred connecting hub between the continents of Europe and the Middle East, due to its proximity and reviving economy. And, investors are all set to discuss modernising the electricity grid and efficiently managing projects at upcoming conferences.

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