Cow Manure to Make Clean Electricity & Hydrogen at Toyota’s Power Plant

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Recycling can be a stellar option when it can generate something useful. Japanese automobile giant, Toyota, is contributing in an exciting way to renewable, clean energy with the forthcoming Tri-Gen facility. It is beginning to be called as the ‘world’s first megawatt-scale 100% renewable power and hydrogen generation station.

In the midst of electric vehicle manufacturers banking on battery packs for their models, Toyota instead envisions that the future of electric mobility can be achieved with hydrogen fuel cells. And, the latest venture is reiterating the hydrogen-based transport.

Toyota’s Tri-Gen Project was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show recently. And, the planned facility will be located in Long Beach, California, and will generate local hydrogen through the use of agricultural waste. The project will utilize bio-waste, which will come from dairy cattle manure for the project. The process will produce methane, which will then feed fuel cells that are developed by FuelCell Energy and get converted into clean electricity and hydrogen.

The facility is expected to be operational by 2020, and would reportedly generate 2.35MW of electricity and around 1.2 tons of hydrogen. The company’s Logistics Services operations at the Port of Long Beach are expected to run on 100% renewable energy. And, all Toyota fuel cell vehicles that would come through the Port would also be fuelled by renewable energy.

Toyota’s North America group vice president for strategic planning, Doug Murtha, stated that the company understood the tremendous potential to reduce emissions. Meanwhile, Matt McClory, a senior engineer with the Toyota Research & Development stated that they were trying to green up the process of providing heat, and one of the ways was to find renewable sources like gases emitted from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and farm animals.

Toyota is currently focusing on its ‘Project Portal’ class 8 truck that is reportedly based on hydrogen fuel cell technology. And, in this context, its own hydrogen generation facility would make a lot of sense.

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  1. Vintage Electric says:

    This is a great news for all of us especially the electric industry. Imagine if we can fully use this new innovation, it is environment friendly.

    James Tourje, President & CEO of Electricians and Electrical Contractor in Indio, California

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