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France to Stand as Major Global Player in Tidal Electrical Energy

France is desirous of sending a message to the world about its potential role in the hydropower sector with the announcement of preliminary studies that would reportedly lead to the launch of tidal energy tenders. Continue reading

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Damless, Run-of-River Power Plants, Are They The Future of Electricity?

The world is dependent on fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, which are being consumed at a startling rate. In this context, an assessment report released in 2007 by the IPCC highlighted that the burning fossil fuels could cause irreversible changes to the Earth. Continue reading

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Enhancing Green Power May Reduce India’s Electricity, Water Issues

India’s power sector has often been impacted by water scarcity due to the over-dependence on coal-fired plants, which require much cooling, and that can reportedly change with the enhanced use of green power (renewable energy). Continue reading

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