Abu Dhabi Poised To Change Waste Cooking Oil Into Electricity

Abu Dhabi stands poised to divert used cooking oil and hazardous medical waste away from the Al Dhafra landfill into energy production.

It is reported that restaurants and cafeterias in Abu Dhabi produce around 20,000 litres of used cooking oil each day. Throwing away the oil down the drain could lead to clogging the municipal sewer and cost millions in the cleanup process. However, a change is expected by end of 2018, as Tadweer, the Centre for Waste Management (CWM) in Abu Dhabi has chalked out detailed plans that would deflect the cooking oil and medical waste, which is cast off into the landfill and produce electricity.

Tadweer chairman, Falah Al Ahbabi, reiterated that their new projects were in tandem with the master plan of the Abu Dhabi government related to environmental conservation and sustainability. The waste-to-energy scheme is said to be a part of the Abu Dhabi plan to divert around 80% of its waste from landfill through recycling by 2030.

The scheme of waste-to-energy is reported to include the building of three plants at an eco-park at the Al Dhafra landfill. The plants would include the UAE’s first project that would turn landfill-produced methane and greenhouse gases into energy. The next would turn cooking oil into biodiesel and fatty acids to make soap. And, the third would incinerate the medical and hazardous waste.

Meanwhile, it is said that Blue Al Serkal, the Dubai enterprise had been contracted to collect the cooking oil, and is awaiting final approval. Mohammed Al Kaabi, the company’s managing director said that they expected to start operations in Abu Dhabi this year. And, Ramky and BRS Ventures Joint Venture were charged with collecting and incinerating medical and hazardous waste in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai-based Green Energy Solutions (GES) and Sustainability are reported to already be capturing methane at the Al Qusais Landfill in Dubai. Anita Nouri, GES chief executive stated that the region was moving towards renewable energy which is excellent and has its challenges.

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