BT Closes in on 100% Renewable Electricity

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British multinational telecom giant, BT recently claimed that it is within 4% of its 2020 target of powering entire global operations with 100% renewable electricity.

BT had set a target to purchase 100% renewable electricity as a part of its 2020 goals to power its operations. It is reported that BT signed two new energy deals, which implies that 96% of its global operations would be powered by renewable electricity. The deals also imply that the UK’s biggest mobile network, EE, which is part of BT would now be powered by 100% certified renewable sources like solar plants and wind farms. This would amount to saving over 100 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions a year, and be equivalent to introducing around 4.5 million trees to the UK.

BT has a rich history of leadership pertaining to climate change which goes back over 25 years. And, after the United Nations body IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published its Global Warming Report in October 2018, the telecom giant declared its pledge towards becoming a net zero carbon emission business by 2045. In the context, BT had already set a target to curb its emissions by 87% by 2030. And, the target reportedly set BT on a path to help limit global warming to 1.5°C as recommended in the global warming report.

Meanwhile, Chief Digital Impact & Sustainability Officer, Andy Wales stated that the IPCC report highlighted the urgency of the task that we all face in dealing with climate change. He added that they recently announced their pledge to become a net zero carbon emission business by 2045. And, the recent renewable energy deals mark another important step in reaching their ambitious sustainability goals. Wales added that they hoped that by leading by example they would inspire others to take action and drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

In 2017, BT had signed a separate agreement with npower to supply the rest of EE’s operations, which was inclusive of around 600 retail locations across the UK having 680GWh of renewable electricity.

In conclusion, BT’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint would assist the Government in reaching its carbon reduction targets that are outlined by the Climate Change Act, which reportedly set a long-term target towards reducing emissions by 80% from a 1990 baseline by 2050.

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    Another milestone for BT. They’re making difference and impact not only to their country but also it inspires the world.

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