Denmark’s Offshore Wind Zones will Help Green Electricity

Wind farm, Vindmølle Park, Denmark

Credit: Fxp42 / CC BY-SA 3.0

A study that was commissioned by the Danish government identified good locations for 12.4GW of additional offshore wind capacity recently. The designated zones could reportedly accommodate between 12 and 15 wind farms, depending on their size, according to a statement by the Danish Energy, Utilities, and Climate Ministry.

In this context, Lars Christian Lilleholt, Minister of Energy, Utilities, and Climate, commented on the findings that Denmark had good conditions for offshore wind and it could help cover the need for green electricity in many other countries, not just at home. He also highlighted that future offshore wind plans would not involve subsidies. And, added that the North Sea needed to be developed into a global leading area for offshore wind, where they did not support the turbines.

It is also reported that the Danish government ordered the study last summer after signing its 2018 Energy Agreement, calling for the construction of three 800-MW offshore wind farms. The farms would support the country’s national goal to fully cover its electricity consumption with renewable energy by 2030 and also meet a 50% energy demand with renewables in 2030. Meanwhile, the first of the three would be the Thor project a tender for which would be held in 2019. The plant would reportedly be connected to the grid between 2024 and 2027.

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