Clean Energy Set To Generate 35% of Australia’s Electricity

rooftop solar panels

Credit: Pxhere

Clean energy is all set to generate 35% of the total electricity needs of Australia within the next two years, according to analysts. New data reiterates that the pace at which solar power is changing the national energy market is unprecedented/never before seen.

In the context of renewable energy, a report by consultants Green Energy Markets highlighted that over 30% of electricity generation during June was from rooftop solar systems and new large-scale solar farms. Meanwhile, wind, solar power, and hydroelectric generation made up 22.3% of the electricity used during the month.

Tristan Edis, analyst and a director at Green Energy Markets stated that he expects clean energy to provide approximately 35% of Australia’s electricity requirement by 2021. He added that in the next 12 months, Australia would get 50% of the required power from renewables (solar, hydro, and wind) across the country. However, the growth of clean energy is not expected to continue for long due to the lack of government policy that encourages increased investments in the field.

Meanwhile, at an Australian Clean Energy Summit held in Sydney recently, Clean Energy Council chief executive, Kane Thornton, stated that it had been a record-breaking two years for renewables, with over $24 billion worth of large-scale renewable energy projects being undertaken and the world’s biggest battery based in South Australia (Interesting installation, I suggest linking this as one of the external links). However, He added that the industry’s confidence had fallen since December due to policy uncertainty, the pace at which regulations and markets were changing and growing constraints on the grid. Thornton said a sensible energy policy could accelerate investment and drive down power prices.

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