Super Tips to Save Electricity at No-Cost

Are you a conscientious homeowner looking to use electricity more efficiently and also start saving electricity costs? Great! Some super-and-simple no-cost tips can help you lessen your electricity bill to save as much as $500 or more a year.

1. Check the lights
You may consider using fewer bulbs (with higher wattages). Also, use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) switch to LED instead of ordinary bulbs. This switch is also reiterated by the US Department of Energy, which states that LEDs use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer in comparison to incandescent lighting naturally spelling savings.

2. Use the correct heaters
Switch to Infrared electricity heaters, which are energy efficient. Also consider oil heaters, which are the safest.

3. Take cold-and-short showers
Taking colder showers could not only be refreshing (for some) but also save on electricity. It is expensive to heat water, and if you cut down a couple of minutes of your shower each day, it would save electricity.

4. Get leaky faucets fixed
Have a leaky faucet? It needs a fix, a hot water leak in the faucet can cost you. Fix it and save up on your energy costs up to US$ 9 per year.

5. Laundry tips and upgrade
Consider cutting a load of wash every week, which could save US$ 18 a year, if you are using cold water only. Apart from which, you can switch to washing laundry in cold water, which could save up on your energy bill. Also, upgrade your laundry room and use energy-efficient appliances. Make that switch—as an average washer over 10 years old could cost you US$ 190 a year.

6. Use a programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat can save nearly 10% on cooling and heating costs. Try programmable thermostat including the Ecobee, Honeywell, or Nest.

7. Get efficient with refrigeration
The ideal temperature for fridge and freezer will keep it efficient. So, keep the fridge between 2°C and 3°C and the freezer at -18°C.

8. Use dishwashers
Do you hand wash your dishes? Consider using dishwashers as it saves more money, energy, water and time in comparison to hand washing. This is reiterated by the California Energy Commission that states that using an Energy Star-qualified dishwasher can save you around 5,000 gallons of water and also save US$ 40 in utility costs every year.

9. Cooking tips
Use pressure cookers especially when preparing food that would take a long time to cook. And, keep the oven doors closed until food is cooked.

10. Put electronics on standby
Instead of leaving electronics switched on, consider putting them on.

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Next-Gen Electric Car Recharges Through Solar Energy

Lightyear solar car

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Plants Generate Green Electricity to Power LED Bulbs

Green Plant LED Energy

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Costa Rica Poised for an Electric Car Revolution

Electric car charging station.

Electric car charging station.

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BT Closes in on 100% Renewable Electricity

Credit: CC / Luis García

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ScottishPower Set to Produce 100% Electricity from Wind Power

ScottishPower has become the first vertically integrated energy company in the UK to leave coal and gas generation and shift to 100% of electricity generation from clean wind power. The transition will be complete after the sale of its traditional generation business to Drax for £702 million.

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Wales-Ireland Electricity Interconnector Gets Go-Ahead

Credit: Greenlink Interconnector Ltd

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Is Green Electricity Really Green?

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Cow Manure Helps Farm Achieve 100% Green Electricity

Credit: Moxey Farms

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