Cow Manure Helps Farm Achieve 100% Green Electricity

Credit: Moxey Farms

An ever-increasing quest to find solutions for rising power costs brought dairy farmer, Quentin Moxey closer to an innovative solution. Continue reading

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Colossal Coal Plant Pioneers in Converting to Green Energy

drax power station

Credit: Drax Group Plc.

Many nations, including the UK and the US, are moving away from coal. In light of other energies getting cheaper and with stringent environmental regulations, the story seems to be the same worldwide. Continue reading

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Churches Commit To Clean Electricity To Combat Climate Change

Wind energy (Pxhere)

As global warming concerns increase worldwide, over 5,500 churches across the UK have converted to renewable power to combat climate change. In the context, some of the UK’s most famous cathedrals have also placed faith in clean electricity with church leaders encouraging more to follow suit. Continue reading

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UK Produced Around 30% of Electricity Through Renewables

UK Government’s official data projects that around 30% of electricity is generated from clean and renewable sources. In the context, in 2014, UK renewables had hit around 19.2% of electricity supply. Continue reading

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Can Green Electricity Generation Alone Curb Global Warming?

Carbon emission by cars

The countries committed to the Paris Agreement have made pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, but can they curb the devastating climate change? The authors of a new report highlight concerns of the continued use of fossil fuels for industrial processes, power vehicles, and heating buildings, as their usage could push CO2 emissions beyond manageable levels. Continue reading

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Vegan Electricity Supply? Ecotricity Offers Green Alternative


Credit: @ecotricity

Imagine animal products lurking in electricity, a British power company highlights this fact and also decides to give consumers a choice by offering the world’s first vegan electricity. UK based Ecotricity, a renewable energy company professed that around half of the British homes were powered by electricity made from animal byproducts. And, announced that its electricity and gas would reportedly be certified vegan. Continue reading

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Siemens Opens Ammonia Energy Storage Pilot Project

Siemens headquarters in Munich

Siemens headquarters in Munich. Credit: Siemens
Siemens’ new headquarters in Munich.

A chemical compound could help the world boost its consumption of renewable energy. A pilot project, developed by Siemens in collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK, and the University of Oxford and Cardiff University, is the world’s first demonstrator. This development highlights the complete cycle of renewable power, the storage as ammonia (NH3), and the conversion back to electricity. Continue reading

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London City Pledges Sourcing 100% of Electricity from Renewables

London at night.

London at night.

The historic financial district in the City of London, the Square Miles is said to have announced to shift to clean energy by October 2018, sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. Continue reading

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Tesla App Allows Optimising for Cheaper Electricity


Credit: Tesla

Imagine an efficient electricity system where if the electricity is expensive to generate you pay more, and if it is cheap then you pay lesser. This system would persuade ratepayers to conserve when the grid would be constrained and switch to using power when it’s clean and cheap, allowing savings on emissions and grid costs in the process. Continue reading

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Vietnam Plans To Triple Electricity Generation With Solar, Rare Earth

Vietnam intends to increase the amount of electricity it generates from renewable sources to threefold. This would reportedly push for a 26% increase in household solar energy usage by 2030 and cut the dependence on coal, according to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Continue reading

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