Costa Rica Poised for an Electric Car Revolution

Electric car charging station.

Electric car charging station.

Costa Rica is popular as an ecological paradise with over 98% of its electricity needs being met by clean energy. In the context of the automotive industry, however, the story is different, with the country lagging behind with 600 out of 1.4 million private vehicles running on electricity instead of gas or diesel. And, experts reiterate that the situation would be changing soon. Continue reading

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BT Closes in on 100% Renewable Electricity

Credit: CC / Luis García

British multinational telecom giant, BT recently claimed that it is within 4% of its 2020 target of powering entire global operations with 100% renewable electricity. Continue reading

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ScottishPower Set to Produce 100% Electricity from Wind Power

ScottishPower has become the first vertically integrated energy company in the UK to leave coal and gas generation and shift to 100% of electricity generation from clean wind power. The transition will be complete after the sale of its traditional generation business to Drax for £702 million.

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Wales-Ireland Electricity Interconnector Gets Go-Ahead

Credit: Greenlink Interconnector Ltd

Wales-Ireland electricity connector, the Greenlink interconnector received the go-ahead from Ireland’s electricity regulator, the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). Continue reading

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A Solar Battery Could Bring Electricity to Rural Areas

Solar energy is featured with the dropping of prices due to which the source is progressively getting more popular. However, a home-powered by the Sun wouldn’t be free from the grid as the solar panels don’t store energy for later use. Continue reading

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Is Green Electricity Really Green?

Renewable energy sources are green, but the technologies that are used to transform them into usable energy; are they always environmental-friendly? Continue reading

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Cow Manure Helps Farm Achieve 100% Green Electricity

Credit: Moxey Farms

An ever-increasing quest to find solutions for rising power costs brought dairy farmer, Quentin Moxey closer to an innovative solution. Continue reading

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Colossal Coal Plant Pioneers in Converting to Green Energy

drax power station

Credit: Drax Group Plc.

Many nations, including the UK and the US, are moving away from coal. In light of other energies getting cheaper and with stringent environmental regulations, the story seems to be the same worldwide. Continue reading

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Churches Commit To Clean Electricity To Combat Climate Change

Wind energy (Pxhere)

As global warming concerns increase worldwide, over 5,500 churches across the UK have converted to renewable power to combat climate change. In the context, some of the UK’s most famous cathedrals have also placed faith in clean electricity with church leaders encouraging more to follow suit. Continue reading

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UK Produced Around 30% of Electricity Through Renewables

UK Government’s official data projects that around 30% of electricity is generated from clean and renewable sources. In the context, in 2014, UK renewables had hit around 19.2% of electricity supply. Continue reading

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