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Teens Understand Importance of Renewable Energy as much the Scientists Do

In The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), a teen from Vancouver, Canada, Han Jie (Austin) Wang 18, picked up first prize in 2016, for coming up with a method of transforming sewage into electricity. Continue reading

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Wave Energy is the Real Transformation

With the current costs of electricity and renewable energy, there needs to be a plan B that will help navigate the costs and damages associated with the same. For a long time there has been contemplation on the wave energy.

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Singapore Government Welcomes Public Consultation in Energy Sector

To make the energy sector more responsive and in accordance with consumer demand, Singapore Government launches a consultation process where electricity consumers of Singapore will be able to deal in electricity futures market.

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Year 2012 to See Less Consumption of Electricity

IMS, the market research analyst firm forecasts an increase in PV (Photovoltaic) installations which will eventually help lessen the dependency and the usage of electricity and other fuels.

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Nissan NV200 EV’s Trial In 2012 by FedEx

Year 2012 will see Nissan’s trials continue at different places. The all-electric van Nissan NV200 EV will ride the streets of London, England. During its stint of package schlepping, the van will show-off the colours of the courier FedEx this … Continue reading

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Iowa to Derive 20% Electricity by Wind Power

  The energy of blowing wind can be harnessed to produce electricity. Wind is a great source of renewable energy. The American Wind Energy Association pointed out that Iowa’s wind generation has generated 20% of the State’s electricity network in … Continue reading

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