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Wave Energy is the Real Transformation

With the current costs of electricity and renewable energy, there needs to be a plan B that will help navigate the costs and damages associated with the same. For a long time there has been contemplation on the wave energy.

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Denmark’s Wind Power Generates Electricity Beyond Its Own Demand

Denmark’s high level of wind penetration allowed the Nordic country to meet all of its electricity needs with a significant surplus spared for Germany, Norway and Sweden, too Continue reading

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Best Tips on Keeping Your Electricity Bills Down

Electricity is part of life but very expensive thus can completely drain pockets in a short while. Below are some of the ways to save electricity bills. Continue reading

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Cost-Effective Electric Cars Are Coming Soon

The electric car continues to be a viable alternative for the automotive industry with the high cost being the major setback.

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Energy Saving Incentive are Put Forth in San Deigo

The pressure on electric grids is immense during hot summer days. To ease some of this pressure, the SDG&E has proposed an energy saving incentive program to its customers.

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Germany Solar Companies Go Insolvent

In spite of generating about 5% of electricity by solar power, many German solar companies are going insolvent. This is expected, not surprising, Philippe Welter said. Using solar power might have brought a revolution in technology, but it does have … Continue reading

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Top Priority is Electricity – Uganda

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni stressed that the top priority for Uganda is affordable electricity that will lead to development in the industrial and other sectors of the economy. To reach closer to this goal, the government welcomes Public-Private … Continue reading

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Japan Urges Power Usage Cuts Amid Shortage Fears

Japan has urged households and businesses to cut down electricity usages by as much as 15 percent amid fears that nuclear plants shutdown will cause power shortages and blackouts. The Japanese government has urged all its citizens to conserve electricity … Continue reading

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Electric RAV4 SUV by Toyota

The new electric version of RAV4 SUV from Toyota Motor Corp. will cost around $49,800 and will be for sale this summer. RAV4 will be eligible for $7,500 federal tax.  However the cost is more than double the commencing price … Continue reading

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Year 2012 to See Less Consumption of Electricity

IMS, the market research analyst firm forecasts an increase in PV (Photovoltaic) installations which will eventually help lessen the dependency and the usage of electricity and other fuels.

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