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Top Tips for Reducing Electricity Usage and Going Green

It is high time human beings start thinking about saving energy and making this planet a better place. Let us check out some easy tips that can help you to save electricity. Continue reading

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Costa Rica’s Electricity Becomes Nightmare for Oil Barons

“The last time we used a fossil fuel plant to generate electricity was June 16,” stated the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) in the beginning of this week. That is more than 80 straight days of 100% green energy production Costa Rica has lasted on. Continue reading

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UK and Green Electricity and Climate Change

The UK government has been taking firm steps towards the green electricity and commitment to Paris agreement. Also due to the strict measures taken in the energy conservation overall electricity requirement has reduced. Continue reading

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North American Leaders Vouch to have 50% Zero Carbon Electricity by 2025

The United States, Mexico, and Canada meet to reduce carbon emissions. The heads of these three states unveiled a broad plan to reduce carbon emissions during this year’s trilateral North American Leaders’ Summit, held on 2nd July 2016 in Ottawa. Continue reading

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Electric Car and Electricity and its Running Cost

It is very true that these cars do not use oil for transportation purpose but equally true is they use “electricity” for it. The car on its own doesn’t produce emissions but what about the power plant which generates the electricity required running it? Continue reading

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Go Green: Electric Generator Powered by Urine

After a new invention by four Nigerian teenage schoolgirls, it has been proved that anything is possible in the world. Thinking about an electric generator powered by urine really sounds great.

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