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Costa Rica’s Electricity Becomes Nightmare for Oil Barons

“The last time we used a fossil fuel plant to generate electricity was June 16,” stated the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) in the beginning of this week. That is more than 80 straight days of 100% green energy production Costa Rica has lasted on. Continue reading

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Urine, a Cheap Source of Electricity, Can Help Power Mobile Phones

Research shows that urine, an alternative source of energy, is used in miniature cells to help power mobile phones. Unlike other sources of electricity, such as platinum, urine is relatively cheap and readily found. Continue reading

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Generating Electricity from Sun and Wind to Save Money

With skyrocketing electric energy costs, it helps to know about resources to increase your energy sources without breaking the bank. Increasing in popularity is the installation of wind power systems or home solar electric panels which eliminates energy costs, altogether.

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Top Priority is Electricity – Uganda

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni stressed that the top priority for Uganda is affordable electricity that will lead to development in the industrial and other sectors of the economy. To reach closer to this goal, the government welcomes Public-Private … Continue reading

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Electric RAV4 SUV by Toyota

The new electric version of RAV4 SUV from Toyota Motor Corp. will cost around $49,800 and will be for sale this summer. RAV4 will be eligible for $7,500 federal tax.  However the cost is more than double the commencing price … Continue reading

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Sunlight Can Be Now Converted Into Electricity With More Efficiency

A new photovoltaic device developed by Yang’s team can now convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently than ever before.Yang, who is a faculty director with the Nano Renewable Energy Center at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and who holds … Continue reading

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