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Generating Electricity from Sun and Wind to Save Money

With skyrocketing electric energy costs, it helps to know about resources to increase your energy sources without breaking the bank. Increasing in popularity is the installation of wind power systems or home solar electric panels which eliminates energy costs, altogether.

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Germany Solar Companies Go Insolvent

In spite of generating about 5% of electricity by solar power, many German solar companies are going insolvent. This is expected, not surprising, Philippe Welter said. Using solar power might have brought revolution in technology, but it does have side-effects.

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Sunlight Can Be Now Converted Into Electricity With More Efficiency

A new photovoltaic device developed by Yang’s team can now convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently than ever before.Yang, who is a faculty director with the Nano Renewable Energy Center at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and who holds … Continue reading

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