Green Products

Solar Powered Gadgets:

The use of solar electricity as an option over traditional electric generation methods is an excellent way to decrease carbon footprint and cut electricity bills. Solar electricity generated using such methods can be used to operate electrical appliances and vehicles. Examples of such appliances include solar inverter, solar fountains, solar water heating, solar shades, solar battery charger, solar garden lighting, solar oven, and solar pool heating.

  • Solar Fountain: The pump of a solar fountain generates electricity from sun.s energy. On sunny days, the fountain will operate fully on solar energy whilst it utilizes the stored energy in the cell on cloudy days. The main advantage is that it.s completely safe for children as it makes no use of electricity.

  • Solar Water Heating: Solar water heating systems are designed to supply hot water to houses using solar cells to convert them into electrical energy which then in turn is used to heat water. Solar water heating panels may be expensive to install but the costs are made up as monthly electricity bills decrease over a period of time.

  • Solar Outdoor Lighting: Solar powered lighting is an efficient alternative to traditional wired set up. Outdoor lighting powered by solar panels not only lowers your expenses and carbon footprint but its biggest advantage is that it completely eliminates the use of wires and buried cables. The solar panel or photovoltaic cell collects sun.s energy during the day and stores it in a rechargeable battery which generates electrical energy in the night when the energy from the sun is no longer available.

  • Solar Inverters: A solar inverter is an inevitable appliance in any household that uses solar panels to generate energy on a photovoltaic system. The solar inverter.s primary purpose is to change the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panel into alternate current (AC) electricity making it usable for home appliances and the electricity grid.

  • Solar Battery Charger: Solar Battery chargers are an excellent option to traditional chargers for outdoor enthusiasts and people who are constantly on-the-go. A greener option to disposable batteries, these chargers use solar panels to generate energy and re-charge solar batteries. Solar chargers can charge batteries in sizes from AAA to a 9V. If you use solar chargers and solar batteries, then you lower carbon footprints and reduce toxic trash.

  • Solar Ovens:
    Solar Ovens is a great option to traditional methods of cooking since it uses no fuel and the cost of investment is very low. It is method of outdoor cooking where direct accessibility of sunlight is possible. The technique used in solar oven includes use of some type of reflective metal wherein light and heat from the sun is concentrated in a small cooking box. In the correct conditions, the heat inside the cooking box can equal to that of a stove.

Electric Cars:

Electric cars are the new-age automobiles, propelled by electric motors instead of traditional oil fuels like petrol and diesel. The rapidly increasing oil prices and concern about greenhouse emission has seen a renewed interest in electric cars. Some of the models released in 2011 include Tesla Roadster, REVAi, Buddy, Mitsubishi i MiEV, Th!nk City, and Nissan Leaf.

Electric Motorcycles and Scooters:

Electric Motorcycles and scooters are vehicles that use electric motors to achieve locomotion. However, Electric Motorcycles are easily distinguishable from scooters as they do not contain a step-through frame. Promoting the go green theme, electric vehicles are extremely popular in densely populated areas and due to rapid increase in gasoline prices. Available in variations of two or three wheels, electric motorcycles include electric bicycles, electric kick scooters, electric motorcycles, and electric scooters.

Wind Turbines:

Using the omnipresent blowing wind.s energy to generate electricity is an alternative green option to reduce electricity bills. A wind turbine usually has two or three blades that grab the wind in their propeller like blades. It converts the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy which in turn is used to drive machinery and generate electricity.

Energy Efficient Devices:

Energy saving devices improves the energy efficiency and help in cutting electricity costs, so as to reducing carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life. There are a wide variety of gadgets available in the market all of which help reduce power generation/consumption and can save money & help fight climate change. Some of the energy efficient devices:

  • CFL lamps / lightbulbs
  • TV standby savers
  • Mobile phone shutdown plug
  • Fridge temperature controlling thermometer
  • Energy saving appliances
  • Rechargeable batteries.

Water Powered Devices:

Water powered devices operate on the H2O technology whereby the water powered cells run free energy to activate the devices. As long as the cell is refilled with water, the devices keep operating properly. Some of the water powered devices that operate on H2O technology:

  • Radios
  • Alarm clocks
  • Calculators